Key Elements of a Good Website

Website creation is no longer  limited to highly skilled developers. In fact, any person with minimum knowledge in the use of the computer can make one. However, many do not know that it takes more than a good design to have a website that converts. Below are the elements that will help your website bring results.

Visual Design – When it comes to design, it is imperative to keep in mind to use white space and think about the use of color and meaning. Logos, theme, colors, fonts, layout and white space are the visual elements that compose the overall design of a website.

Colors used on the website should complement or follow the company “colors” and using a proper theme or template can help keep the content flowing in the appropriate direction. A balance of text and photos/graphics is what is expected from a good website.

The lack of visuals like photos, graphics and GIF’s makes a website boring. There is only a few second window to grab the interest of a visitor, having a lack of visuals or poor visual design would be detrimental.

Content- Relevant content is another key element for a good website. Make sure that the content answers the question: How do I benefit from this? Content should be presented in a way that shows what a website visitor wants to see. Make sure that the content in the website does not go stale or outdated. Most readers tend to skip over or leave a website that has nothing new to peak their interest. Do not over-do on the text. Having a text/content heavy website is not recommended. Websites only have a few seconds to grab the attention of a reader, visitor tend to leave websites when flooded with too much text and will not take the time to read through the information.

Navigation- Navigation are the buttons that get readers to certain pages or get information/answers or do certain tasks. Navigation is the google maps to your website. The “Nav” bars or buttons should be simple to use easy to notice. A tip to a good website is to group like pages under the same subject or topic to ensure ease in navigation and for the site to be more user-friendly.

Credibility- Gaining a person’s trust is a primary component in obtaining a sale. The same goes with a good website. A good website should gain the trust and confidence from the visitor. Utilizing verified links is one way to prove that the website and company are legitimate. Proof of legitimacy like license numbers, Better Business Bureau registration (If applicable), accurate contact information and correct punctuation and grammar all contribute to a websites’ credibility. Organizing content, using consistent colors, employing a theme that stays the same from page to page helps with this as well. Customers when visiting new sites will have their guard up, especially if they have been victimized of internet fraud in the past. Instilling trust and credibility of a company and its website is key. No positive action would be expected from visitors if the website seems the slightest bit of being shady.

Call to Action- A website is created for several reasons, the result that all companies want is for a visitor to take immediate action whether via an online purchase, sharing your website/weblink with others or an inquiry regarding services, products and/or website content or information. Use words that encourage action, tie-downs can also be used to promote a reaction as well depending on the website.

Mobile Internet- Due to the ever-changing times and on-the- go lifestyle, significant percentages of online purchases are conducted via mobile phone or web enabled device. Making sure that a website is viewable on a web-enabled device or mobile phone is not only advantageous, it is imperative.


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